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The Modest Fashion Runway is a global platform that showcases contemporary and luxurious Modest Fashion brands from around the world. The runway aims to empower those who dress modestly to express their individuality, style, and values through fashion. The mission of the Modest Fashion Runway is to bring recognition to the growing global demographic of modest fashion consumers, to provide diverse and aspirational fashion options to modest dressers from different backgrounds and cultures, to expand the modest fashion consumer base, to support and empower women’s choices, and to break stereotypes and celebrate the achievements of modest dressers.

Modest Fashion Runways

MFW 2022 Recap

This Melbourne Fashion Week (MFW) 2022 video takes you on a journey through the modest fashion looks, highlighting key pieces and accessories that are on-point and on-trend. It includes highlights of the key looks and emerging trends, as well as interviews with designers, models, and industry experts. This recap video provides a comprehensive overview of the event, showcasing the creativity and innovation of designers, and offering insight into the fashion industry.

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